Hello and welcome to Hello Vegan Bee! This is a place where animal and earth lovers from everywhere can come together and find tips and advice on living and eating in a way that will make their soul shine!

My name is Jazzy and I am on a lifelong journey to be my greatest version. On this blog, I show you a glimpse into my plant-based diet and compassionate lifestyle.


Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am a massive avocado for animal rights and equality. 

I am a lifelong vegan, excluding a few years of being veggie in my late childhood. I turned vegan again after watching ‘The Best Speech You’ll Ever Hear’ and ‘Earthlings’ at 15 and I’ve never looked back!

You can check out recipes on this blog as well as lifestyle tips if you want to be an all-powerful super vegan like me!

agriculture animals barn close up
Photo by Anthony on Pexels.com

Veganism is the fundamental idea that we shouldn’t exploit animals. It is a lifestyle choice of being cruelty-free and treating the beings we share this earth with respect and kindness. If you agree that we shouldn’t abuse animals, then you already agree with veganism.

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Check out the Ethical BlogJ


The Hello Vegan Bee recipes are all vegan, plant fuelled ingredients that are easy to follow, easy to make and easy to adjust to get creative and make your own! They are all of your favourite dishes, designed in a cruelty-free, vegan-friendly way!

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I started practising mindfulness a few years ago to be happier and more present. My life has been full of challenges but mindfulness has transformed my life to give my clarity and confidence, including becoming a minimalist & full-time health & wellness devotee!

You can check out my Mindful Blog which is full of information and tips about daily mindfulness & being your best version!


At the start of 2019, I made the decision to move to the land of Japan to begin a new adventure. This meant that I had to condense my minimal life into an even more minimal mere two suitcases! You can find blog posts all about my Japanese adventure under the category ‘English Vegan In Japan’.

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