Vegatable Couscous

Serves 3


  1. Half a Red Onion, chopped
  2. One Green Pepper, chopped
  3. Handful of Kale
  4. 5 cherry tomatoes, chopped
  5. Two mushrooms, chopped
  6. Three handfuls of Couscous mix
  7. Ground Black pepper
  8. Olive oil


  1. First, fry up your onion in your oil until they start to brown and then add your green pepper
  2. Next, add your cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and kale to the frying pan.
  3. Add boiling water to your couscous mix and wait for it to expand and absorb all of the water
  4. Then add as much black pepper as you desire.
  5. When all of your veg has cooked, add it to your bowl of couscous and mix it in.
  6. Enjoy!


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