Prague, Czech Republic

As some of you may know, I spent a few days in Prague, Czech Republic, and I had such a memorable, beautiful time there full of music, amazing people and experiences.

Day 1 – Arrival

The journey for Prague was long but really fun, being surrounded by my friends. I woke up at 4:30am after about 3 hours of sleep to leave for London airport from my uni campus at 6am. It was the first time some of my friends had ever been on a plane so it was pretty exciting for them


We arrived in Prague by the early afternoon and got settled into our Hostel. I was lucky enough to share a room with some new and not so new friends and we ended up having the best time as roomies. There’s something really special about the people you get to experience your travels with and these guys made it the best.


The first day was mainly chilling out, getting to know my new roomies more and exploring the area where the hostel was. We we’re based outside of the city centre so we ended up having pretty chilled out afternoon.

Nobody was not expecting what was to come in my first evening in Prague. We caught the tram to a pub and venue where we basically being handed shots and beer upon arrival and continuously had them brought to our table throughout the night. After about 3 shots and a beer, we realised that they were not free, but we failed to care too much. Luckily, Prague is very cheap in comparison to England so we kept partying until the early hours, and it came to about £15 each for the entire night in British money, including food too, which was an absolute bargain.

Following the not so free but dirt cheap alcohol, was the craziest cabaret I’ve ever experienced. It was so much fun, full of cheesy music and mad costumes and dance routines! It was definitely a memorable experience!

Day 2 – Gig Night!

The second day  was the big day for me because it was the day of my gig at the Czech Inn Bar. I woke up overjoyed because it was snowing, which was one of the things I was hoping to experience in Prague.


During the day I went into the city of Prague with my friends, Connor, Joe and Conal, exploring round the shops and being all touristy taking lots of pictures of the snow and things like the Astronomical Clock and Charles Bridge.


During the evening, I played my original music at the Czech Inn Bar, a really cute, underground venue. It was a night full of amazingly, talented musicians. I was so honoured to have the opportunity of playing in such a brilliant place. The gig was magical and everyone was so kind and supportive of my music. Everyone who played did such a good job and I am so grateful to perform to/alongside such wonderful people. Thank you so much to everyone who made that night happen, I will never forget it!

Sadly, it was also my friend, Patrick Dunns, last gig with our university lot before heading back to Canada, and what a moving gig it was. There we’re many tears, but I know that he’s going to have an amazing journey with his music, whatever he decides to do next. Good luck, my lovely!


Day 3 – Czech Museum of Music

To start my third day of my time in Prague, I went to the Czech Museum of Music, where I got to see historical musical instruments and learn a bit about the history of Prague. Some of the instruments were absolutely mesmerising.

After that, I went into the city again with some of the university tutors, who I hadn’t met before. It was great to meet new people who share a similar love for music and spend more time experiencing Prague’s culture.

For lunch that day, we found a really cute vegetarian restaurant, where I treated myself to some great food. The restaurant was laid out so that you could pick and choose whatever you wanted and then you’d pay for it by how much it weighed. I didn’t find it that hard to eat vegan in Prague because there we’re lots of places with vegan food to eat.


After a long day of non-stop walking around the city, I enjoyed another night of great live music from more musicians from my university. It was an absolute blast and a great way to spend my last night in Prague.

Day 4 – Going Home

Waking up on my fourth day was sad, because I knew by the evening I’d be back in Cheltenham and not in the beautiful city of Prague. In some ways I looked forwards to going home to have my own bed and my large supply of kale, which they didn’t have in Prague.

After a relaxed breakfast at the hostel, my friends and I got ready to leave. I was lucky enough to sit by the window on the plane back and was mesmerised for the entire journey with how beautiful the world looked from so high up. I wrote a ton of lyrics about what I saw and how I felt, so maybe I will create a song about it soon.

What a beautiful place Prague was. I hope you enjoyed seeing my journey.

Jazzy x





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