The Ultimate Morning Routine: 10 Powerful Steps To Take Charge Of Your Day!

Do you ever wake up to your alarm clock buzzing noisily in your ear, as a heavy reminder of another long day? You slump yourself out of bed, rush around in a fluster trying to get your life together to realise that you have no time to work on your own goals before going to your day job.

This was me at the start of my new life in Japan. I was jet-lagged, with broken sleep every night, I had no structure to my mornings and I was ex-haus-ted! On top of that, I’d just started my new job and as awesome as it is, I was so tired and I had no idea how to make time to work on my own, personal goals. 

After this new lifestyle shock, the importance of having a routine really hit home! The truth is, without my morning routine, my time, energy and brain get ridiculously scattered throughout my entire day! Because of this, I now have my morning and evening routine written up and stuck onto my wardrobe to reference to every day and keep me on track. 

I have also created a downloadable copy for you to use to get the most out of your mornings! This  10 step tried and tested morning routine will help to keep your mind, body and soul in check to ensure that you can get the most joy, energy and productivity out of every day!

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1. Think of 3 things you’re grateful for.

Those first few moments of your day are so important to bring your thoughts into alignment with joy and positivity.

The first thing I do, while I’m still in bed, is think of three things in my life that I am grateful for. It could be something from exciting experiences and opportunities that have come into your life recently or something as small as simply being grateful for the roof over your head and the food in your cupboards.

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Whatever you’re grateful for, really embrace that feeling of gratitude.

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2. Make bed

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a tidy space for while you are getting ready. Making your bed as soon as you get up a great habit to start so you don’t have to get ready around a massive heap of messy bedding every morning. I live by the statement ‘tidy space, tidy mind’ and I always tidy up my room the night before as part of my evening routine. This way, I only have to make my bed the next day and it always feels so good getting into a perfectly made bed after a long day.

3. Drink a big glass of water

The 3rd thing I do as soon as I’ve practised a little bit of gratitude and made my bed, is to chug a big glass of water. This is the first thing that really starts to wake me up in the morning. This little pick me up feels so refreshing and it’s a great way to get hydrated and get your metabolism working. 

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If you’re feeling really healthy and adventurous, you can drink a lukewarm glass of lemon water, which has been proven to be a really healthy way to make your body alert and ready for the day.

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4. Freshen up: brush teeth, wash face, take supplements and moisturise.

This is my second big pick me up to get me feeling active for the day. Livening up with some cold water to the face and brushing my teeth with minty toothpaste is a great way to wake your body up.

Next, I like to take my multivitamins just to ensure my body is getting everything it needs. I believe that this is a good thing to do, regardless of if you think you are eating a balanced diet or not. It’s more of a protective, safeguarding step.

To finish, I always moisturise my face. I have combination skin, which basically means that I get oily and dry skin all in one (lucky me!), so I have to be mindful of the products that I use. I usually stick to brands such as The Body Shop or my own handmade products. At the moment, I am using E Vitamin moisturiser from The Body Shop and a lavender coconut oil hand made by moi. 

5. Yoga, stretches & meditation

Yoga is the perfect way to get your body moving, focused and generally feel a great first thing! I usually do some simple yoga poses along with some stretches. After that, I like to do some simple breathing exercises to focus the mind and breath. If you are a crazily busy person like myself, you will understand the lack of time to do any long meditation. However, a few minutes of concentrating on breathing and sitting straight always does my mind, body and soul the world of good!

6. Get dressed and do makeup 

After that, it’s time to start looking presentable to go out! I like to mentally plan what I’m wearing the night before to save time in the mornings. I wear a specific shirt as part of my uniform and because I work with children, I try to make my outfit and makeup as comfy as possible while dressing in a way that makes me feel confident. What you wear is how you present yourself so make sure to always feel great in what you’re wearing.

7. Law Of Attraction/Goal Journaling

There is nothing more inspiring to start your day than to externalise your thoughts and goals. It’s super important to set aside time within your morning routine to do this. By writing down your goals, you get the opportunity to remind yourself of your purpose and why you are working towards whatever your goals are. 

Write in the present tense as if you are already achieving your goals as a way of using the Law Of Attraction/ The Law Of Deliberate Intent to achieve what you want.

Doing this is so powerful and you will start to see things in your daily life that bring your closer to your goals because you will have focussed your mind to start achieving them.

8. Breakfast, more water & hot drink

People say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, I go through phases of eating breakfast and then not needing to eat until noon. It just depends on what feels right for my body at the time. At the moment, I enjoy breakfast every morning.

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I always try to eat protein, fibre filled and slow energy release breakfasts to ensure my body is full of goodness and energy to help me stay focused and motivated. Your food is your fuel and what kind of food you eat is what your body will become.

9. Read/watch positive and motivational affirmations/videos

Near to the end of my routine, I like to sit down, usually with my breakfast and drink, and watch or read some motivational inspiration for a few minutes.

This helps me to get one more boost of positivity and maybe get a helpful, motivational reminder of something that I needed to hear that day. Whatever it is, I always end this step feeling that little bit more inspired and ready to face the day.

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10. Recap today’s checklist, diary & check emails.

The final step of my morning routine is to look at my schedule for the day and get onto the internet to check emails and do any little jobs for my sites, such as liking and replying to comments. I always leave checking social media for as long as possible to avoid getting distracted and ultimately losing time in my morning. 

By the time I have finished all of these steps, I usually have about an hour before I have to leave the house, so I have enough time to work on my personal career. 


Wake up early

A great time to wake up is anywhere between 5am and 6:30am. Waking up at this time means that you’ll never have to rush around and feel flustered trying to get ready. I can prepare for my day and get through all 10 steps with ease, as well as having time after work on my own goals.

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On the weekends, I will sometimes wake up a bit later, but it’s important to not go out of routine too much or your body clock will mess up.

Have an alarm tone that won’t put you in a bad mood.

I can’t think of anything less inspiring and more annoying than being woken up by a loud, obnoxious alarm tone. It’s not a positive way to start your day! Every morning, I wake up to an alarm tone that fades in slowly with beautiful, soothing music. It is less suddenly and I get to wake up in a collected and unruffled manner.

I hope that you found this blog post useful! If you did, please feel free to share the love on social media and join the Hello Vegan Bee mailing list for updates on other super helpful and informative posts in the future!

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