Monthly Gratitude – April

Hello & welcome to this months dose of gratitude! And yes indeed, it has been a month to feel grateful for!

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I feel like I have been learning so much over the last month in my internal world about what I can and cannot control, how to let go & just go with the flow more. This is something I have struggled with my whole life, so when life challenges me with these kinds of lessons, I’ve been focusing on letting go and learning from it, rather than feeling resistance or struggling.

Despite this, many positive experiences in the external life have got me feeling pretty grateful this month & I’m excited to fill you in on it!

1. New Single ‘Talk About Nothin’ Is Out!

The first thing I am grateful for this month is for my single release! On the 20th April, I released the first song off of my upcoming album, which you can find on all online platforms (listed below)! It feels so good to finally have a new song out after months of hard work & to have lots of people loving it!

I’m especially grateful to every single person who has listened to my new song!

(FYI, for every person who shares my single on social media, I am giving a download of the song absolutely free! All you have to do is share my song on social media & send me a screenshot or link. Then I will simply send you a download link!)

I was so nervous to release the new song because it is quite different from my other songs & I didn’t know what reaction it would get. In spite of this, I was so happy to see that lots of people shared it and some lovely press & articles came out talking about it! I felt so lucky & blessed!

CD of the Week

On The Wight Article

Find the song with the links below!


Get It On Apple Music

Get It On Bandcamp

Single Launch Party

A week after that, it was time to have my single launch party! Since so much of my albums visuals were inspired by Alice in Wonderland, I thought it was fitting to have my first single launch around the theme of a Mad Hatters Tea Party (take a wild guess at who was dressing up as the Mad Hatter)!

I was really nervous because I hadn’t gigged for a while, never mind created an entire music event in Japan! It was also my first gig in Japan & I had arranged it pretty much single-handedly. I had no idea what to expect or even if anyone was going to show up!

In the end, I was absolutely overwhelmed & overjoyed because lots of people showed up & by the time I was performing on stage, people were spilling out of the door! Everyone listened to my music really intently, which is one of the things I really love about gigs in Japan. Not only that, the Wonderland fancy dress costumes were amazing! Overall, I felt so lucky & blessed to be surrounded by such genuine & lovely people.


The day after the single launch, I released an epic remix of the song by German producer, SCHADE!


Download it on Bandcamp

I love his house & dance spin on it & you can get it for free on Soundcloud & Bandcamp below! I hope you love it!

Also, be sure to check out his website & Soundcloud!

2. Japanese Spring Time

This month I am grateful because I am experiencing my first ever spring in Japan & it is truly beautiful! I am so lucky because, within my job, I get to spend almost an hour outside nearly every afternoon being in nature, so I get to enjoy the flowers & sunny skies daily.

However, it’s already hotter than England at the peak of summer and I’m getting sunburnt whenever it isn’t raining!

(Please let me know where I can find vegan suncream in Tokyo!)

There is so much that I love so far about the Spring in Japan: The heat is amazing and the wildlife is magical! Everywhere I go, I am surrounded by beautiful displays of colourful flowers & plants. Not forgetting to mention, cherry blossom season, which was possibly on the most beautiful things I had the pleasure of witnessing!

Every day, I cycle through glades, which were filled with cloud-like, delicate blossoms at the start of April & are now luscious green trees, where birds hop around and sing gleefully.

Sometimes, if the sky is clear enough, I even get to see the epic Mt Fuji in the distance. Every time I see it, I feel like I would’ve come to Japan simply just to see that sight!

Not only that, the animals are amazing!

Every night after work, when I ride home on my bike, I hear the most amazing orchestral chorus of crickets ringing out in all of the bushes. The first time I heard them, they were so loud! I’d never heard so many crickets in my life. It was a truly magical experience.

Ultimately, regardless of everything I have experienced for my first Japanese spring season, spring wherever I am always reminded me to make way for new beginnings. It has always been a very spiritual time for me because I find my old, toxic bad habits, people and situations starting to naturally leave my world making way for new, happier ways of life.

3. My First Vegan Meet-up in Tokyo!

On the final day of April, I took myself to Tokyo for my first vegan meet up at Green Food Festa! Yay!

I’ve been eager to meet some like-minded people in this country where I am constantly having to explain what a vegan is! It’s definitely been a culture shock from my easy vegan living in England! Needless to say, I hadn’t made any close connection with any vegans in Japan so I was so excited to finally meet some people who shared the same views!

On the day, after hopping off of the train to go to Ueno Park in Tokyo, I was led into beautiful glades which opened up to an old fashioned park with a lake & then met by the mouth-watering aromas of plant-based food from pop up tents & vans all around!

There was everything from bakeries, traditional Japanese food to American style fast food! I tried the most delicious goodies from the stores & vegan businesses mentioned below (which I will be letting you in on everything about that in the future) such as hot dogs, burgers, Turkish ice cream, doughnuts, cupcakes & Indian snacks!

I basically had my breakfast, lunch and dinner in the space of about 4 hours!


As well as food, there were other unique shops selling accessories & shoes made from materials like apple leather & a stall selling hundred-year-old blocks of wood from trees that had been struck down from natural disasters, such as lightning, making them give off the most savouring smoky & smouldering aroma.

Some of the marvellous companies I had the pleasure of meeting were, of course, the people from the Vegan Meet-up Event, The Animal Rights Centre, Vege Project & vegan food stores such as Tabell, Coconut Dream & Mor Happiness.

I had a memorable & fascinating day talking with vegans about animal rights, activism and future events. Everyone was so friendly & kind & it felt so great to finally be around people who are like me.

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