A Beginners Guide To Veganism!


So you’ve watched the documentaries, done the research, joined all the vegan groups on Facebook and spent countless hours dreaming about how if you had a ton of money you would start an animal sanctuary and rescue all the animals!

But now what? How do you make the first step to being a fully fledged, plant-based, unstoppable vegan?

Do not fear, Hello Vegan Bee is here!


Lets start at the beginning! Veganism is the fundamental idea that we shouldn’t exploit animals. It is a lifestyle choice of being cruelty-free and treating the beings we share this earth with respect and kindness.

If you agree that we shouldn’t abuse animals, then you already agree with veganism.


For The Animals

There are many reasons why people go vegan. The potentially most obvious one is to stop paying for the abuse of animals.

By simply going vegan, we can save over 100 animals a year from death as we reduce the supply and demand.

Whenever we buy products such as their meat, milk, eggs and honey, we support the suffering of countless creatures.

The shiny, sparkly images of happy cows and free-range are simply a myth we are fed so that we put our funds into these huge money-making industries.

For The Planet

In more recent years, a huge reason to go vegan is to reduce climate change. Modern research now shows that animal agriculture is the number 1 cause of climate change, overall transport in the world put together.

We have to start making serious changes immediately.

A plant-based diet reduces our carbon footprint massively and in a world that is heating up at an alarming rate. The earth will evolve and adapt but every living thing will eventually die, including us.

The People

The fact is that if everyone turned vegan, world hunger would be eradicated.

Sounds crazy right?

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You may be wondering how does eating plants have any link to saving starving people?

The reality is that 70% of all grains & plants grown in third world countries for more wealthy countries, is fed to ANIMALS! The other 30% is eaten by people, meaning that vegans save more plants than meat-eaters ever will!


Many people also go vegan for their health. Not only is it a cholesterol-free lifestyle, but it is rich in protein and provides all of the vitamins and substance your body needs.

The research is everywhere, showing that vegans have lower sugar levels, less chance of having certain health problems such as obesity, kidney problems, cancers & heart disease.

More evidence includes me! I was born and raised vegan and I am perfectly healthy. If veganism, wasn’t a healthy way to live, I wouldn’t be here, just saying.


Making a lifestyle change can sometimes be daunting, but you have already made the conscious decision to be cruelty-free, and that in itself is a massive step forward!

I would start by thinking about the obvious things you can replace in your home: milk, cheese, meat could be the three most obvious things.

Luckily, there are so many alternatives around, so you are spoilt for choice!


Vegan milk is so varied now!

Oat, hemp, soy, coconut, rice, almond & cashew just to name a few, are in most supermarkets nowadays all over the UK.

I personally LOVE oat milk because it is naturally creamy and great in cooking too.

As for cheese and meat, it’s the same deal.

There’s a ton of choice for you to choose from but if you can’t find what you want, there’s everything you could possibly want and need on your local internet!


Now you know you can replace everything you had before, therefore it’s time to check out what else there’s to explore! 

Becoming vegan is a tremendous opportunity to get in touch with your inner cook and begin exploring food in a new way! I’ve found so much love for cooking healthy, plant-based meals; the choices are endless so start experimenting! If you need some inspiration, feel free to head over to my recipes section!

All supermarkets have a huge range of styles of lentils, beans and grains. Some of my favourites are butter beans, kidney beans, 5 bean mixes, barley, quinoa, baked beans and spelt, just to name a few.

I love experimenting with different herbs and spices too to make new, interesting flavours.

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When I went vegan again at 15 (after a few years of vegetarianism), I decided to finish what animal products that I had in my cupboards and fridge and re-buy alternatives after.

However, if I were to do it all again, I would give them to the homeless or to my local food-bank.

The vast amount of starving people in the world (about 815 million people according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) is so crazy, it might be a good option for you to do that if you don’t want to eat the animal products you already own but do not want them to go to waste.

I know ideally, it’s not great to promote eating animal products full stop, but the way I see it, I would rather give the animal products to someone in need than throw it away where an animal would’ve suffered and potentially died for nothing.


Congrats! You’re on track having a luscious vegan diet, full of varied, colourful food.

So let’s move on to the more detailed stuff.

It’s time to through your clothes, wardrobes and cupboards in your house. Take a look at the amount of leather you own, what products have milk, honey or beeswax in.

This is when you need to answer this questions to yourself: are you happy & comfortable to go on wearing these products or clothing items?

I personally gave all of my clothes and products with animal products to charity shops & non-vegan friends because I don’t want them in my world anymore.

However, I know vegans who still own leather from before they went vegan, and that is their personal choice, although they would never buy leather again.

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As for makeup and other products, you could use them until they run out, or you could give them away. This is completely up to you; it is your journey.

However, I would definitely do some research into cruelty-free products for next time you need to buy these items. I always go for makeup by Barry M and The Body Shop as they do not test on animals. Anyhow, there are loads more out there. This is just what works for me personally.

Check out this list of loads of vegan makeup & cosmetic products!


Look out for the Cruelty-Free International Bunny (originally called the BUAV bunny), which is a label given to products that have not been tested on animals down to the core ingredients.

The rest is now up to you now!

Put down your screens, get your chef hat on & go exploring into the big wide world of new vegan opportunity!

Good Luck!

I hope that you found this blog post useful! If you did, please feel free to share the love on social media and join the Hello Vegan Bee mailing list for updates on other super helpful and informative posts in the future!

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