My Top 2 Totally Natural DIY Bug Bite Remedies

Japan is simply wonderful in so many ways: the heat, the people, the culture, the pockets of nature and so much more. However, there is one major thing that has recently become the absolute bain of my life: insect bites.

Since coming to Japan I have become a regular source of food for mosquitoes. Now don’t get me wrong, I have always been someone who gets bitten by insects, ever since I was a child. I blame all of the fruity goodness that comes from me being vegan! Maybe that is why I seem to be an even bigger target for the bugs since vegans are a rare breed here!

I’ve have lived my life up to this point being bitten and not being overly phased, simply placing itch cream on the bitten area and leaving it alone. Or even better, spraying insect repellent spray onto myself before they even get the chance to get close to my skin!

However, I now do not own insect bite repellent. I foolishly left mine in the UK.

Since the last week or so, not only have I been bitten multiple times, the bites have swollen into HUGE bumps. I had one on my foot not long ago and my whole foot was swollen without me even touching it! The same also happened on my hand!

I figured this is probably due to my body not being used to all of these new Japanese insects, so my body reacts with some sort of almost allergic reaction!

More recently, I have been bitten on my back and my finger. I knew about it as soon as I woke up due to the incredibly hard-to-ignore persistent itchy feelings.

That’s the other thing about these bites, as well as them being overly swollen, the itchiness is almost unbearable! When I had the bite on my foot, after a day or so or resisting, I couldn’t help but scratch incessantly, to the point of making myself bleed.

It is safe to say I have had enough!

As you may know, if you have been here for a while, I am all about home remedies & natural healing, so I am going to share with you the two things I have been doing to reduce the itchiness and swelling of those nasty bites.

I really hope it helps if you have been in a similar situation to me!

Banana Peel

Banana peel is absolutely awesome! So many people do not know but banana peel is so good for us! After eating the inside, I always like to keep & use the peel for its health benefits.

Most recently, I’ve used the smooth outer side to reduce puffiness under the eyes and the inner part to get rid of acne, by simply rubbing it on the problem areas! It works wonders!

I eat tons of bananas so I was stoked to hear I could use the peel for my insect bites too!

Simply place the inner part of the peel onto your bite and rub in circles to moisturise and neutralise some of the itching. This method is good for all kinds of itchy skin, like poisonous plant rashes, not only from insect bites.

I would recommend doing this a few times a day for the best results!

Baking Powder & Lemon Juice!

Two of my favourite combinations!

These two ingredients are used so much in my daily life for everything from being a brilliant, natural cleaning product to whitening my teeth with it. It is so useful in so many ways so I can’t recommend you getting yourself some if you do not own it already!

(Be sure to get a baking powder that doesn’t contain aluminium.)

I was so happy, yet not surprised, to read up that you can also use this killer combo to use as a soother to reduce swelling, redness & itchiness for insect bites.

All I did was drip some lemon juice onto a cotton bud, dip it in baking powder and rub it on the bite. I noticed almost instantly how much the swelling & itchiness had gone down!

Although the itchiness was still present, it reduced it significantly and I no longer wanted to relentlessly itch it!

I’d call that a successful remedy!

Just to note, you should not make a habit of putting baking powder on your skin, you can use it in small amounts for the purpose of reducing the bite.

Alternatively, you can simply use lemon juice by rubbing it over the bite.

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