How to Set Goals for the New Year that you'll ACTUALLY achieve! πŸ’«

So this weeks video is a day early today due to a super busy day tomorrow (my debut album is coming out @JazzyHeathMusic so I need the whole day to focus on that)! Anyways, this week, I’m chatting to you about how to set goals using the S.M.A.R.T. method & how to look at life [...]

Eco-Friendly & DIY Christmas Decor πŸŽ„

Another week, another video!Β This year, I've been delving deep into how to have a Christmas that fits better to my values!This week we’re looking into some sustainable, DIY festive decor! Have yourself a very eco Christmas!Β I love getting my DIY hat on! That's why in this weeks video, I'm hoping to inspire your [...]

Eco-friendly and Zero Waste Gift Wrap Ideas πŸŽ

So it's nearly time to start preparing for the holiday season! πŸŽ„ More & more people are thinking about how to make this time less wasteful & more kind to the planet! In this video, I show you how I am going to be wrapping my gifts in a more eco-friendly this year! Join [...]

Advice Graduates NEED To Hear πŸŽ“ This video is what I wished I heard when I first Graduated, the most important things I've learnt since waving goodbye to Uni life! Thank you so much for watching! Social Website: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Business: