My COVID-Free House Cleaning Routine

Hello Everyone & welcome to Hello Vegan Bee! Thank you so much for joining me today! I am very lucky that I still have a job & that I can still work, despite COVID-19. That being said, I am out of the house a lot more than your average Joe is during the pandemic, meaning … Continue reading My COVID-Free House Cleaning Routine

HOW TO: Be Vegan In Japan! 🇯🇵 EDIT: The 'bins' I that I mentioned that are next to vending machines are actually not rubbish bins, and are only for what's sold in the machines: PET bottles, glass bottles, and metal cans! Recycle responsibly! Thanks so much for watching! Link to vegan snacks in Japanese convenience stores: Social Website: Facebook: … Continue reading HOW TO: Be Vegan In Japan! 🇯🇵