Eco-friendly and Zero Waste Gift Wrap Ideas 🎁

So it's nearly time to start preparing for the holiday season! 🎄 More & more people are thinking about how to make this time less wasteful & more kind to the planet! In this video, I show you how I am going to be wrapping my gifts in a more eco-friendly this year! Join [...]

Coconut Dream – Blueberry Cupcake Review

When I first visited Japan, I really thought that veganism was an alien concept to most, as not many people even knew what veganism was when it came up in conversation! And because of this, I thought that vegan people & especially purposefully-vegan-products & produce (excluding a few restaurants with vegan options) were simply non-existent! [...]

Jump Starter Cacao Protein Shake – Better Than Coffee!

This immense energy boosting shake is the absolute perfect start to the day! The first thing I do when I go into the kitchen after completing my morning routine is to make myself this protein shake. I enjoy sipping this hearty while going through my emails & starting my work on the computer. Not only [...]