Typhoon / Hurricane Safety Tips

You’ve probably seen it on the news. All of the damage & destruction caused by Typhoon Hagibis in Tokyo on Saturday 12th 2019. I am so grateful to say that, despite myself & a lot of people I know being in the firing line for the super-typhoon, we all came out the other side with [...]

HOW TO: Study Japanese 🇯🇵📚(For Complete Beginners)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a71Ke02nn8Y&t=81s Today I'm letting you in on all of my best study tips & tricks at the most basic level for all of you beginners in Japanese! ✍🏼 I'll talk you through everything from making the learning process more fun to the best apps, games & books for starting out! Thanks so much for watching! [...]

Coconut Dream – Blueberry Cupcake Review

When I first visited Japan, I really thought that veganism was an alien concept to most, as not many people even knew what veganism was when it came up in conversation! And because of this, I thought that vegan people & especially purposefully-vegan-products & produce (excluding a few restaurants with vegan options) were simply non-existent! [...]